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The Secret to a Better Mental Health

There are so many reasons for NOT going out there and moving (some of us will say)! But let's not confuse reasons for excuses, which can be plenty. In my practice, I have seen many clients come to me with a list of reasons why doing exercise and getting themselves going is a rather daunting and impossible task to do. And more often than not, there is always a pattern in how this particular cohort feels about themselves: demotivated, miserable, depressed, anxious, unhappy. And this is precisely how I feel when I haven't had the chance to exercise, so when I work with my clients I often promote doing sports on any level in order to help them feel better and cope with anything they might be struggling with. Here are some reasons why getting out there and moving is vital for one's well being:

Exercise boosts mood and energy levels

A large body of research has consistently shown that regular exercise is associated with a positive impact on your mood and energy levels. This is due to the fact that when you engage in a high-intensity exercise, your body and brain release endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals and hormones. In general, endorphins are chemicals that reduce the perception of pain and natural enhancers of feelings of optimism and satisfaction. Thus, regular exercise can help you achieve a happier state of mind.

Exercise is key to weight loss

Everyone knows that when you exercise (on a regular basis) you inevitably become fitter. It prevents excess weight gain because it is an activity that burns calories. The more exercise you engage in the more calories you burn over the amount that your body needs to maintain its current weight. This also increases your metabolic rate which helps burn fat quickly and effectively.

Exercise boosts not only mood but also confidence

Exercise is not only great for your mood boost but also extremely important for your self-perception. Once you start exercising and doing so on a daily basis, having it as a routine, you begin to feel confident in your ability to stick to it. Exercise is not only a physical activity but also e mental one. At some point, it starts showing you how much you can push yourself, how much you can achieve and chase goals. Often you hear about a great athlete or know personally someone who engages in sports, almost professionally and you observe how confident they look. This is a key element when it comes to exercising, it’s a great way to test your limits and set and meet achievable goals.

Exercise gives you something to look forward to

It's very true- once you start exercising there is no way back. It is almost like starting a new hobby and even though it takes time and a lot of effort, you begin to enjoy it which is something you start looking forward to. Exercising is not a one-way street as once you start doing it, you can always set up a new challenge and try to achieve maybe even a personal best!

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